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Custom Fixture

The custom made fixture can offer solutions for a diverse array of customer needs. With the benefit of customization, the fixture solve a wide range of problems, together with improvement on the process and product quality.

Tooling solution:
•    Manual Assembly Fixture for variety of assembly process, including heatsink, faceplate, light pipe, etc.
•    Rotation Assembly Fixture
•    Manual Soldering Fixture
•    Pokayoke Fixture
•    Support Base
•    Go no Go Fixture
•    Heat Steak Fixture

•    Highly customized base on customer product, or PCBs.
•    Reduce scrapped parts.
•    Process standardization
•    ESD materials may added in based on customer requirement.
•    Screw guide cover will be added to protect other portions of the PCB during the screwing process.

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