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Router Fixture

Router Fixture are used to support the PCBs during the de-paneled process, where using the router machine. The PCBs will be securely located to eliminate damage and router bit failures. There’re different De-paneling fixture design for other de-paneled process, for example: V-cut and punch.

•    Made from aluminium or Solidlite base.
•    ESD PVC safe component cover to protect SMD from damage.
•    Individual guide pin and support point for PCB.
•    Through slots at bottom base for vacuum suction on the dust that created during machining.
•    Poka-yoke is incorporated to avoid wrong orientation of PCBs mounted on fixture.

•    Provide a level surface to support the PCB during the depaneling process
•    Individual images are securely located and protected even after completely de-paneled.
•    Reduce set up and changeover time.
•    Can be designed for manual or automated processes.
•    Can be designed to use with router machine, with or without vacuum system.
•    Process standardization

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