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Inspection Pallets

Inspection Pallets are commonly used to support PCBs on the conveyors during x-ray or automated visual inspection process. By using the AOI and 5DX Pallets, the custom tooling pins located the PCBs for process repeatability and keep it flat and secure.

•    Made from ESD specially-made composite material, or aluminium.
•    Allow flatness tolerance of +/- .05mm.
•    Minimized support surface for easy inspection.
•    Bottom stepdown for conveyor rails.

•    Verifies SMT and PHT component placement.
•    Verifies no load and polarities.
•    Faster and more accurate while locating the PCBs for inspection.
•    Detecting whether the SMT component has installed backwards.
•    Speed up the inspection process.
•    Reduce scrapped parts.
•    Eliminates sagging of the PCB
•    Inspect de-paneled and odd-shaped circuit boards

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