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Printing Pallets

SMT Printing Pallets, MPM & DEK™ Support Block are designed to support at the bottom of the PCBs during screen printing process. During the process, the downward force of the squeegee blade will deflect the circuit board to some degree depending on the board's size. Thus, with the help of the pallets and support block, it can eliminate the gasket effect of the PCBs pad to the stencil aperture, a stable screen printing process by preventing bleed-out of solder flux & solder paste.

·         Made from ESD specially-made composite material, or aluminium construction.
·         Bases are designed to clear all bottom side SMD’s and provide even support under PCBs.
·         Allow flatness tolerance of +/- .05mm.
·         Vacuum port compatible.
·         Fixed base block with changeable support block available.

·         Eliminate PCBs deflection and ensure parallelism between PCBs and stencil.
·         SMD’s are protected in relief pockets
·         Bases provides maximum bottom side support to the PCB
·         Superior reliability over difficult magnetic pin placement especially on densely populated printed circuit assemblies during second side screen printing
·         Maximizes PCBs pad to the stencil aperture
·         Reduce setup time

·         Process standardization

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