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SMT Pallets

SMT Pallets support and protect PCBs through the entire surface mount process. It can be separate (as well as combine) into a few type of pallets: SMT Printing Pallets, Placement Pallets and Reflow Pallets. These pallets can simplify the SMT process which decreases the setup time, less handling, and improves the solder quality in the reflow oven.

•    Made from ESD specially-made composite material, which has been formulated for use with high process temperatures.
•    Allow flatness tolerance of +/- .05mm.
•    Flat type PCBs Clamp.
•    Bottom stepdown for conveyor rails.
•    Based on PCBs design, there’s an option to combine the pallets for placement and reflow process.

•    PCBs protection & reduction of board warpage
•    Support the board through printing, placement and reflow without operator intervention
•    Improved stencil alignment after de-panel, vision and alignment
•    Process odd-shaped PCBs

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