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Wave Solder Pallets

Wave Solder Pallets with easy snap on Top Hat, spring loaded plunger are commonly used to fix electrical components on PCBs using the wave soldering process. The pallet are designed to cover the ground planes, gold fingers, mounting holes and SMT components while exposing the PCBs to the wave only where solder is required.

•    Made from ESD specially-made composite material, which has been formulated for use with aggressive fluxes and high process temperatures.
•    Top Hat with checking mechanism, Top Clamper, or Hold down Jig to hold down the components.
•    Aluminum stiffener to strengthen the material flatness.
•    Bottom stepdown for conveyor rails.
•    Able to integrate with titanium insert for tight opening.

•    Reduce second hand load and manual soldering.
•    Eliminates solder skipping.
•    Eliminates hand gluing of SMT parts and hand masking of through-hole parts, to achieve cost saving with better yield. 
•    Faster and more accurate solder flow component lead.
•    Minimize blow-hole effect to release surface tension.
•    Act as solder guides in and out of through-hole openings.

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